Saturday, June 20, 2020

Binge-Watching Heroes

I never thought I would be a binge-watcher. Honestly, It’s just not something I do. But, I was browsing and found the complete collection of Heroes, The NBC TV series from 2006.  All 4 seasons.  All 31 episodes.  And it brought back memories from when I watched it back in 2006. So I have been binge-watching Heroes all week. Right now, I am watching Season 1, Chapter 10.  It’s called “Six Months Ago” I say chapter because they decided to call them chapters instead of episodes. Every chapter is a continuation of the previous chapter. So it’s more like a book than a TV series.  Perhaps it was the Executive Producer and show-runner, Tim Kring that decided to call them chapters.

I remember this chapter very well. Hiro Nakamura unintentionally goes back in time 6 months, in an attempt to save Charlies’ life. Now that it’s 6 months in the past, we get to see what all the main characters were doing at that time. It’s Awesome! Because this is literally a time before the series even started. From the first minute of the first chapter, when Peter Petrelli was standing on a ledge at the top of a building. Chapter 10 is even further is the past than that moment. This is the chapter when Gabriel Gray (Sylar) first meets Chandra Suresh. And it changes Sylar’s life forever. Very Binge-Worthy.

One thing I did learn right away from binge-watching is that you tend to neglect your responsibilities.  Yes, there are chores and responsibilities that I should be doing right now, but instead, I’m watching this old television series from back in 2006.  Oh well! It’s not like I have someone to answer to. Because I don’t. So, I’m going to reschedule my chores and responsibilities for a later time.  Reschedule hahaha yeah that works for me. Hey! When I reschedule, I’m not being irresponsible, okay!  I’m just planning ahead. Yeah

Now, if you will excuse me, I will refill my glass of iced tea and get back to binge-watching Heroes.


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