Saturday, June 6, 2020 Failed Again closed down for a while. And then reopened on the WordPress format. So I joined again. And this time, I even got the username I wanted. I was happy about it at first until I created my first post, then I realized that they are putting their own advertisements in my blog posts.

No way! I am not going to tolerate these ridiculous people putting their own advertisements in my blog posts. If they want to place advertisements on their site, that's fine! They can place advertisements on the sidebar, or on the main feed page. But not in the blog posts. That is intrusive and ridiculous. And I will not tolerate it. can kiss my ass! I'm not going to delete my account for right now. I will keep SocialStephen on, for right now. Because it is connected with WordPress. And perhaps I could use that username on WordPress.

No, now that I think about it, that's wrong. I cannot use that username on WordPress, it can only be used through well, perhaps I will hang on to that username just in case they decide to make some changes and show some humanity. If they decide to stop putting their advertisements into writers' blog posts, then I will consider returning to that site but not until then.

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