Tuesday, September 27, 2022

I'm 54 years old today

 The end of another working day. I'm glad to be home from work. I'm 54 years old today. Honestly, I still feel 53. But I'm sure it's too early to feel older. After all, this is my first day at being 54. Today is September 27th, 2022.  At approximately 6:15 p.m.  Some of you will read this, and say OMG! You're so old! While others will read this and say, I remember being that young.  People will usually take age at face value.  While others will say, you're only as old as you feel. Or as young as you feel.

Here's the bottom line. If a person has an active lifestyle, then they will feel younger than they are. Well, at least until the body starts getting sore from being active all day. Good luck getting a good night's sleep.  And then there are the people that do not have an active lifestyle. Their lifestyle is more relaxed. A nice sit-down job, followed by a comfortable chair at home. Very little exercise. Very little activity.   It will catch up to you.  If you are not active, at least three or four days of the week, then you will start feeling your age if not older. Unfortunately, feeling sore while trying to sleep, seems to happen regardless if you are an active person or not.  That just comes with age.

I'm just glad that I cannot feel the soreness in my body after I fall asleep. In other words, it does not wake me up.  And so, doing some stretches before going to bed, and finding that perfectly comfortable position while lying in bed, will help me fall asleep. And once I'm asleep, I'm good. I'm good for the whole night. It's just falling asleep is sometimes a struggle in itself.  But once that does happen, it's time for La La Land.

Good Night!
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